Brigitte Cabell Malerei und Steinarbeiten
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Brigitte Cabell was  born in Germany and spent the early years of her life with her family  in Florence, Italy where she completed her high school. After studying Medicine (Ph.D.) in Freiburg, Germany, she worked all her adult life as a specialist for Internal Medicine and Cardiology in various clinics in the area of Starnberg ( Munich), Germany.
Parallel to her work as a clinician she has attended several art academies in Germany, Austria and Italy, specializing in painting and sculpture.  For the past 12 years she has developed a strong affinity to stone sculpture. Her teachers were Werner Richter, Rudolf Söllner, and the sculpture teachers of the International Summeracademy of Salzburg ( Susanne Thun, Knut World, Hubert Maier). Further:  Boutros Romheim ( Carrara).
She has an art studio in “Reismühle” (Gauting near Munich), and a studio for stone sculptures in her home near Munich.
In the past years she has had numerous exhibitions (stone sculpture, paintings) in Munich, Rosenheim, Berlin, Potsdam, Salzburg, Venice.
She uses mostly serpentine from Zimbabwe, marble, limestone, sandstone, alabaster. In creating her sculptures she goes into an intensive dialogue with the stone, diving into the millions of years of history that each stone is presenting her with. The creative process takes its own course, leading her to discover the dormant forms and figures in each stone, ranging from abstract to  mythological figures.

Übersetzerin. Dr. Corinna Brandl